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8:00 AM - 9:00AM Imaging Arena
Chairpersons -Dr Ajith Mullashri, Dr Darshan Banker, Dr Lachumanadoss, Dr Manoj, Dr Vijayakumar, Dr Chadda, Dr Jayanthi, Dr Selvamani, Dr D M T Saravanan, Dr Elangovan , Dr Madhusredharan , Dr Mohan Mani, Dr Sridhar, Dr Sundar Hariharan, Dr Ajith.
8.00AM - 8.20AM My IVUS Experience - Dr Muenpetch Muenkaew
8.20AM - 8:40AM OCT for beginners - Dr Yasutsugo Shiono
8.40AM - 9.00AM FFR and IFR - Dr Santosh Satheesh
9:00AM - 9:45AM Live case 3 from Velammal Hospital
Chairpersons - Dr Raj Dave, Dr A Mathavan, Dr A Gopalamurugan, Dr Anandharaman, Dr Nagendra Boopathy, Dr Sundar C, Dr Jayanthi,SIMS, Dr Shivkumar, Dr Karthikeyan, Dr Vinay John, Dr Madan Mohan
9:45AM - 11:40AM General Cardiology session
Chairpersons - Dr Thirumalai, Dr Manivasagan, Dr Murugapandiyansalem, Dr K.Kannan , Dr Justin Paul, Dr ThillaiVallal, Dr Asha Manimaran, Dr Murugesan, Dr Jeyaseelan, Dr Chandrakumar Immanuel, Dr Naina Mohamed, Dr M.Saravanan, Dr Basaludeen, Dr Aravazhi, Dr R.Balamurugan
9:45AM - 10:05AM Should we be using Digoxin in 2018? - Dr G.Karthikeyan
10:05AM - 10:25AM Why are Indians at high risk for CAD? - Dr D. Prabhakaran
10:25AM - 10:45AM HF epidemiology from Indian perspective - Dr Ambujroi
10:45AM - 11:15AM Is India ready to deal with the challenge of NCDs? - Dr K.Srinath Reddy
11:15AM - 11:30AM Statins-A 25year old journey - Dr Rajeev Agarwal
11:30AM - 11:45AM Are all stable CADs are stable? - Dr Justin Paul
11:45AM - 1:00PM STEMI Conclave
Chairpersons - Dr Muruganagthan, Dr Jaber, Dr Janarthanan, Dr Arul, Dr Bhuvanesh Babu, Dr Balasubramanian, Dr Jeyaraj ,Dr Veeramani, Dr Subburama Krishnan, Dr Naina Mohamed, Dr Pramoth Jaiswal, Dr T.R.Hemanath, Dr Sathiskumar, Dr R.R.Saravanan, Dr Selvarani, Dr Mahesh Babu, Dr Prasanna, Dr Jabir, Dr Manoj S.
11:45AM - 12:00PM PAMI: Thrombus, No flow, slow flow- How to beat the monsters? - Dr Ramesh Duggabati
12:00PM - 12:15PM Non-culprit vessel PCI -When and for whom? - Dr Ramesh Duggabati
12:15PM -12:30PM STEMI with delayed presentationbeyond 48 hours? - Dr Manokar
12:30PM - 12:45PM Cardiogenic shock and STEMI - Dr Latchumandass
12:45PM -1:00PM Thrombolysis vs Primary vs Pharmacoinvasive PCI- Which will be the best solution to Indian MI patients? - Dr Ajit Mullasari
1:00PM - 1:40PM Lunch Break
1:40PM - 4:50PM Valve Intervention Conclave Chairpersons - Dr K.Subramanian, Dr M.S.Ravi, Dr B.Ramamurthy, Dr S Shanmugasundaram, Dr BS Aiyappan, Dr G.N.Prasad ,Dr Sridhar, Dr Ajith, Dr G Karthikeyan,Dr Ajeet Arulkumar.
1:40PM - 2:10PM TAVR- Step by step- Live in box demonstration - Dr Sengottuvelu
2:10PM - 2:25PM Basic techniques of TAVR-nuts and bolts-Case based approach - Dr Ajay Swamy
2:25PM - 2:35PM Debate-TAVR for all -is the future - Dr Raj Dave
2:35PM - 2:50PM Debate-Surgical AVR is going to stay as the major player - Dr M. Girinath
2:50PM - 3:05PM LAA device closure- Is it the future for all non-valvular AF? - Dr Ranjan Shetty
3:05PM - 3:20PM BMV for the beginners - Dr Balachander
3:20PM - 3:35PM Tips & Tricks of Difficult BMV cases - Dr Nagarajamurthy
3:35PM - 3:50PM Transcatheter valve therapy in India: Current status and update - Dr Gopalamurugan
3:50PM - 4:05PM Valve in Valve intervention in small Valves - Dr Anantharaman / Dr Vivek
4:05PM - 4:20PM Innovation in TAVR Valves - Dr Imad Sheiban
4:20PM - 4:35PM Large bore closure - Dr A B Gopalamurugan
4:35PM - 4:50PM How to evaluate patients with Low flow low gradient AS- When do they need repair? - Dr Nihar Desai

8:00AM - 9:15AM Cardiac Anesthesia Symposium
Chairpersons - : Dr Mosses Daniel, Dr Selvakumar ,Dr OR Kumaran, Dr Balajinathan, Dr Sangumani, Dr Vijay Ananth, Dr N.Castro, Dr Yuvaraj, Dr M.Pari, Dr Amudhakumar , Dr Meenakshisundaram , Dr Anandaraj , Dr Ganeshkumar , Dr Aram , Dr Sankarakumar.
8:00AM - 8:15AM Management of Perioperative adverse cardiac events- MI, Arrhythmias, PTE and Cardiac arrest - Dr Suresh Rao
8:15AM - 8:45AM ACLS and BCLS- Live with maniquin - Dr Mahendran and Dr Vijay Anandh
8:45AM - 9:10AM Echo in emergencies - Dr Amudhan
9:10AM -9:15AM Shockable and Unshockable rhythms - Dr Vatsala
9:15AM - 11:00AM Heart Failure symposium
Chairpersons - Dr Ayyappan ,Dr P.R.Vaithyanathan, Dr Chokkalingam , Dr Meerasamilal, Dr Prince Pius, Dr Arunachalam, DR SP.Ramamurthy, Dr D.K.Krishnamoorthy , Dr Sathishkumar, Dr Mahesh, Dr Selvaganesh, Dr Prabhakar
9:15AM - 9:30AM HFrEF&HFpEF-Diagnostic &therapeutic implications - Dr Viveka Kumar
9:30AM - 9:45AM ARNI in HF - Dr Chokkalingam
9:45AM - 10:00AM Management of HF-pre ARNI vs ARNI era - Dr Rajesh Rajani
10.00AM - 10.15AM Biomarkers in HF - Dr K. Kannan
10.15AM - 10:30AM Cardio renal Syndrome & Contrast Induced nephropathy - Dr SP. Subramniam
10.30AM - 10:45AM Devices in HF-Physician Perspective - Dr Ulhas P
10.45AM - 11:00AM Cardiac transplantation in India-Is the road less travelled? - Dr Balakrishnan
11:00AM - 12:10PM NOACS and Newer antiplatelets Chairpersons - Prof K.Srinivasan, Dr Murugan, Dr T.S Shivakumar, Dr Amudhan, Dr Somasundaram, Dr C Murthy , Dr Elangovan, Dr D Dhandabani, Dr Prasad, Dr Arun Kaushik, Dr Sukumar , Dr Madanagopal , Dr A.Rajaram , Dr S.Ramesh , Dr Raja
11:00AM - 11:30AM Current Perspectives on DAPT in ACS parients - Recent guidelines and Evidenes - Dr Peter Shinnavae
11:30AM - 11:50AM How to choose NOAC for non-valvular AF - Dr Nihar Desai
11:50AM - 12:10PM Warfarin vs NOACS -the choice of OAC in this era - - Dr Abraham Oman
12:10PM - 3:10PM ECG/EP Conclave
Chairpersons - - Dr K ChandraSekar, Dr Ramprakash, Dr Lawrence, Dr Vadivelu, Dr Rajeev Sharma, Dr P.Shanmugasundaram, Dr Jeyapandian
12:10PM - 12:30PM Wide QRS tachycardia- No need to panic - Dr TRMuralidharan
12:30PM - 12:50PM When to consider ICD in patients with poor LV function - Dr K U Natarajan
12:50PM -1:10PM Remote monitoring of Device therapy - Dr Ulhas P
1:20PM - 2:00PM Lunch Break
2:10PM - 2:30PM Atrial fibrillation-Ablation - Dr Karthigesan A M
2:30PM -2:50PM ECG in Sudden Cardiac Death - Dr Raja Selvaraj
2:50PM -3:10PM Arrhythmias in children and role of ablation - Dr John Roshan
3:10PM - 4:00PM Physician STEMI Conclave
Chairpersons - Dr S SAnnamalaisamy, Dr Durai Raj, Dr Subuhani, Dr Ravi Edwin, Dr T.Parthasarathy, Dr Syed Sulaiman, Dr Ranjith Jeyasekaran, Dr Chokkalingam, Dr Gunasekaran, Dr Neelambujan, Dr GS Sivakumar, Dr Ramesh, Dr Rajeshkumar Dargarh, Dr Rajendran
3:10PM - 3:25PM 35 years of my practice - Dr Arulraj
3:25PM - 3:45PM 25 years of my practice - Dr Joseph Rajan
3:45PM - 4:00PM 15 years of my practice - Dr Ganesh Marimuthu
Chairpersons - Dr Narayanasamy , Dr G.Manohar , Dr P.Kannan, Dr S Pandiyan, DR SS Ravishankar, DR Anandaraja, Dr S Ramakrishnan , Dr G Marimuthu, Dr Sivakumar , Dr MahendraSekar , Dr Selvaraj, Dr Mahasudeen.
4:00PM - 4:25PM Physician Perspective - Dr.Kalaiarasan
4:25PM - 4:50PM Cardiologist Perspective - Dr Neelambujan

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